Bike/Pedestrian Counting Program

Pedestrian Counter on Granite & Commercial ST
Pedestrian Counter on Granite Street in Manchester
SNHPC currently utilizes infrared pedestrian counters to gather bike/ped data on sidewalks, rail trails, hiking trails and intersections. 
Bicycle/pedestrian counting data is valuable for a variety of reasons:
  • Pedestrian data can be used to plan and justify new investments related to active transportation in cities and towns as well as parks and trails.
  • Counting pedestrians in a downtown setting can be used to measure the success of a new business or the impact of a large-scale city/town event.
  • Counting pedestrians on trails and in natural areas can help with management and preservation as well as measure the popularity of the area, which can then be used for tourism purposes

SNHPC accepts requests for bike/ped counting sites all year long. If you are interested in having a bike/ped count conducted at a particular location in your community, please contact Madeleine DiIonno, SNHPC Assistant Planner, at 669-4664 or