Metropolitan Transportation Plan

“The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) for the SNHPC Region is required by Federal law to establish funding priorities for regional transportation projects. In order to maintain eligibility for transportation funds allocated by the NHDOT, the members of the SNHPC have authorized the completion of this RTP for the fifteen‐member communities. The RTP addresses the following existing and planned transportation modes in region:

  • Highways (passenger and freight);
  • Public Transit (bus and rail);
  • Bicycling and Walking;
  • Air (passenger and freight); and
  • Inter‐City Rail (passenger and freight)

For these transportation modes, existing conditions, future demand analysis, possible initiatives to address needs and final prioritized recommendations are presented. The plan is intended to establish a master guide for funding transportation projects. Prioritization of the plan recommendations results from a screening process that uses ten planning factors to ensure that impacts associated with health, safety, welfare and the environment are properly weighed in the public interest. Along with the ten planning factors, SNHPC incorporates FHWA and FTA guidance for Performance-Based Planning and Programming as well as national performance goals in the areas of Safety, Condition, Congestion, Reliability, Movement of Goods and Services, Environmental Sustainability, and Reductions in Project Delivery Delays.