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SNHPC brochure
SNHPC Brochure (see below to download pdf)

The primary role of a Regional Planning Commission (RPC) is to support local municipalities in their planning and community development responsibilities. This is done in a variety of ways such as:

  • Helping to secure funding for transportation and other infrastructure projects;
  • Assisting communities in preparing local planning documents such as master plans, CIPs, natural resource inventories, open space plans and hazard mitigation plans;
  • Developing local ordinances and providing technical assistance and general guidance to local land use boards;
  • Working with municipalities to obtain and administer state and federal grant programs; and
  • Reducing costs to municipalities through regional coordination, intermunicipal cooperation and problem solving.

Regional Planning Commissions’ Areas of Expertise
SNHPC staff have a great deal of experience in a variety of fields within land use and transportation planning:

  • General Planning Assistance
    • Community Survey Development and Analysis
    • Meeting Facilitation
    • Agency Coordination
    • Planning Program Outreach and Education
  • Data Management and Development
    • Geographic Information Systems Mapping
    • U.S. Census Data Center Affiliates
  • Land Use, Environmental Planning, and Community Development
    • Capital Improvement Plan Development and Coordination
    • Local Master Plan Update
    • Zoning Ordinances and Regulations Review and Development
    • Environmental Planning
    • Economic Development Planning / Build-out Analysis 
    • Emergency Management Planning including Hazard Mitigation
  • Transportation Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Developing and Maintaining Regional Transportation Plans
    • Vehicular, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Traffic Counts
    • Traffic Analysis and Safety Studies
    • Transit Planning
    • Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning
    • Scenic Byway Planning
    • Intelligent Transportation System Coordination Planning
  • Special Topics
    • Age-Friendly Planning
    • Health Impact Studies
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