Age-Friendly Community Projects

housing forum
2019 Housing Forum at the NH Institute of Politics

In this section, SNHPC highlights some of the projects and outreach associated with the various phases of the work.

Phase I Community Assessment Posters

In this phase, SNHPC hosted a region-wide Age-Friendly Forum. As part of that forum, SNHPC developed posters that highlighted the results of our findings during the Assessment phase

ChesterPhase II-IV Pilot Programs
Starting in 2017, SNHPC began Phase II of its Becoming Age-Friendly Program, inviting its fourteen communities to submit a letter of interest to participate.  Letters were to include how an Age-Friendly action plan or project would help the community with consideration to transportation, housing, social engagement, and economic development.

Several communities wanted to inform their Master Plan process. These communities decided they wanted Age-Friendly elements within their Master Plan and considered how resident needs might change as they aged. Results of these surveys can be found within the Surveys and Assessment tab. 

One of the unique projects was conducted in conjunction with the Goffstown Planning Department. The goal of the project was to develop a tool to provide information to residents on how to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). The thought here was Goffstown’s senior residents may be able to age-in-place if live-in caretakers, including adult children, lived with them in an ADU. The end product was a brochure entitled, “How to do an ADU.”

Another outreach effort was successfully completed as a request from the Town of Hooksett. Despite being a town of over 14,000 residents, Hooksett has no full-time Recreation Department. Adult residents in the community wanted assistance to create a brochure on available services in the town.  SNHPC coordinated with multiple departments and the local senior group, the Hooksett-ites, to create a brochure. An overview of the project can be seen here:

Age-Friendly Housing Forum

In Phase IV of the Becoming Age-Friendly Program, SNHPC convened a large and diverse group of stakeholders to discuss housing needs and opportunities in New Hampshire. Topics included state housing policy, age-friendly subdivisions, innovations in housing, housing diversity from the viewpoint of developers, and funding opportunities for housing. Click the link below to see a recap of the forum:

Transportation Outreach

Throughout Phases I-IV of the Becoming Age-Friendly program, SNHPC staff heard time and time again that there are limited transportation options available to New Hampshire residents. This is a growing concern for senior citizens who find that once they can no longer drive, it becomes very difficult to get anywhere. This is also a concern felt among younger residents who find that if you don't have a car or access to a car, it's nearly impossible to get around.

The Manchester Transit Authority (MTA) provides public transportation options for senior residents in several towns in the SNHPC region. There are also several volunteer driver programs in the region. The SNHPC has been dedicated to spreading the word about these transportation options to its communities' residents and in turn, relaying feedback about the existing services to its partners at the MTA. Our transportation outreach initiatives include the following:

  • Creating informational flyers and brochures about the transit services offered in select towns.
  • Town-wide surveys to find out about current transit usage and needs. (see Surveys and Assessment tab)
  • Shuttle bus meet-and-greets at town events and gatherings.
(Above: MTA and CART bus visits to Hooksett and Chester senior centers)