Public Participation Plan

The Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC) Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Public Participation Plan (PPP) is a guide for involving the public in the transportation decision-making process in the region. The goals of the PPP are to improve the SNHPC’s public participation efforts, including improving access for the public to engage in the transportation planning process, increasing the visibility and frequency of public notification, enhancing the public’s understanding of metropolitan transportation planning, and assessing the effectiveness of public outreach and involvement efforts.

The PPP also identifies methods to expand outreach and engagement to traditionally underserved population groups including minorities, disabled, elderly, immigrants, and refugee populations. Additional emphasis is placed on forming new partnerships with organizations directly working with these important stakeholders.

The PPP also outlines how to the SNHPC will use a variety of new media and traditional engagement techniques, ranging from in-person engagement, social media, remote access to virtual platforms, targeted stakeholder interviews, and online survey and meeting options that are intended to supplement and not replace traditional survey and meeting opportunities.