Surveys and Assessments

The SNHPC has conducted several surveys throughout the Becoming Age Friendly Program.

Phase I: In 2016, the goal of the Commission was to better understand if the communities they served were recognizing New Hampshire's changing demographics: a growing senior population and a younger generation leaving the state. We began Phase I by having community conversations: town planners, town administrators, public works, and emergency staff frequently joined the discussion as well as librarians, parks and recreation staff, community business owners, realtors, service providers and volunteers from boards and committee such as Planning Boards, Conservation Commissions, and Historic District Commissions. Our discussions identified assets, opportunities, and roadblocks as they relate to housing, transportation, recreation and engagement, and economic development for adults of all ages but especially seniors and millennials. The following surveys and assessments were conducted as part of Phase I:

Phase I Individualized Community Assessments:

Phase II: In Phase II, the SNHPC partnered with the Manchester Regional Area Committee on Aging to conduct library assessments. The goal of the library assessments was to provide the Commission and its partners with valuable information about the accessibility and programs offered in local libraries; if they are considering the changing demographics of New Hampshire in creating programs and ultimately working toward becoming age-friendly. Simultaneously, surveys were conducted for two of the Phase II pilot communities: Bedford and Chester.
Phase III: Surveys were conducted for two of the Phase III pilot communities: Derry and Weare. Both communities wished for the age friendly survey results to inform the master plan update.

Phase IV: Surveys were conducted in coordination with the Southern NH University to identify transportation needs and usage in the Towns of New Boston and Chester. Additionnaly, SNHPC assisted in a transportation survey for the Town of Londonderry conducted by the Londonderry Senior Transportation Coordinator.