Manchester Connects

Two feet stand in front of the Manchester Connects logo on a brick sidewalk
Manchester Connects feet

Manchester Connects is a group of dedicated, civic-minded individuals who aim to reinvigorate the riverfront and Millyard to make the City of Manchester, New Hampshire a more appealing destination for new businesses and residents. The group identifies ways to ensure people, places, and programs are better connected and that the city and residents have what is needed to ensure a high quality of life, healthy tax base, and amenities that draw businesses and visitors alike.

The Manchester Connects Multimodal Transportation and Land Use Planning initiative was made possible by the enthusiasm and civic leadership of a group of community and business/non-profit leaders, public servants, and dedicated residents who envision a multi-modal friendly Manchester that includes creating a world class riverwalk in the city.

The Manchester Connects group poses at an Arms Park ribbon cutting event in October 2018.

The project grew out of this exceptional leadership and vision and was made possible by the support of the SNHPC and a grant from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. Additional matching funds were provided by business and civic leaders in the city.

The Manchester Connects organizing committee posing in October 2017.
From left to right: David Preece, Cliff Hurst, Sarah Jacobs, Sylvia von Aulock, Dia Stolnitz, John Clayton, Harry Malone, Derek Shooster, Dan Berube

Since the project's inception, SNHPC assists the leadership team of Manchester Connects with local & regional transportation initiatives in Manchester’s Downtown, Millyard, and adjacent West Side. The Mission of Manchester Connects is to connect people, places, and services in order to build a more vibrant Manchester. Their connectivity initiatives include Riverwalk expansion, parking solutions, placemaking improvement, and a future pedestrian bridge across the Merrimack River. To learn more, please visit or follow them @MHTConnects on social media.