Region 8 RCC

Next RCC Meeting: April 18, 2023, 11:00am (Agenda/Zoom info forthcoming) 

2022 Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation Plan
(adopted by SNHPC MPO 9/27/22)

Beginning in June 2021, meetings are now being held in hybrid (in-person/Zoom) format. However, a quorum of seven (7) is needed at the meeting place to constitute a quorum and allow official business to be conducted. NOTE: Regions 8 (Greater Manchester) and 9 (Derry-Salem) officially merged in January 2020.

Community Transportation is all transportation resources in a community that are available to help meet community mobility needs. These include both public and private services, i.e. shuttles for seniors, church/nonprofit vans, etc.

In New Hampshire, the CA map of New Hampshire's Community Transportation Regionsoordinated Transportation framework was developed in 2006; it consists of a State Coordinating Council (SCC) comprised of state agencies, transit providers, nonprofits, regional planning commissions, and other groups.  This agency guides coordinated transportation across NH, as well as nine Regional Coordinating Councils (RCCs). The Statewide Coordination Plan was rewritten in 2016 and can be found on the SCC page of the NH DOT website.

At the regional level, RCCs create/implement coordinated transportation plans (Updated plan expected to be complete Spring 2022), maintain a directory of regional providers, and solicit projects for Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) 5310 program.  

1/17/23 Region 8/9 RCC meeting

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