Community Transportation

SNHPC provides planning services to the Manchester Transit Authority (MTA) and conducts short and long-range transit planning activities as included in the Unified Planning Work Program.  For more information on MTA and its routes, please visit

A division of MTA, the Cooperative Alliance for Regional Transportation (CART) is a curb-to-curb transportation system serving a seven-town Greater Derry-Salem service area, including Chester, Derry and Londonderry in the SNHPC region. CART works with multiple agencies in the Greater Derry-Salem region to coordinate scheduling and dispatching of rides, pooling of transportation resources and accessing Federal transportation funding.


What are the different types of transportation services in the region?

FIXED ROUTE  - Transportation that operates on a predetermined route with predetermined times.

  • INTERCITY BUS SERVICE is a public or private bus service that uses coaches to carry passengers between different cities or towns. Boston Express and Flight Line links riders between Manchester and Boston. Bringing people to Logan and Manchester Airport connects the region to both national and international travel.
  • INTERCITY RAIL SERVICE is a rail service that uses trains to carry passengers between different cities or towns. While no service exists in the region, a project to extend the MBTA Boston commuter rail from Lowell, MA to Nashua and Manchester is in its development phase. For more information, visit our webpage on the project.
  • LOCAL PUBLIC TRANSIT is a bus service provided on a fixed route with a fixed schedule. Anyone can ride public transit for a small fee, including persons with disabilities and older adults. Manchester Transit Authority operates 16 fixed routes throughout Manchester, Hooksett, Bedford, Nashua, and Concord.
DEMAND-RESPONSE - Transportation where the date, time, and destination are at the request of the rider.
  • HUMAN SERVICE AGENCY PROVIDERS, such as Caregivers, Easterseals, and Granite State Independent Living are organizations that provide specialized transportation services to a select group of people based on criteria, such as people with disabilities or older adults. Typically, rides are scheduled up to a week in advance via phone call or email. These are demand response services, meaning they do not run on a pre-defined schedule, but instead provide curb-to-curb/door-to-door service using small buses or cars. Services are often provided either free of charge or through reimbursements from federal and state programs.
  • MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION PROVIDER are organizations and companies that provide nonemergency medical transportation and/or emergency medical transportation services. The types of medical transportation providers can range from wheelchair transport services to ambulance transportation for emergency and nonemergency situations. Rockingham Nutrition and Meals on Wheels and Cooperative Alliance for Regional Transportation (CART) have vehicles with specialized lifts to take patients to and from doctor’s appointments, treatment, and therapy appointments.
  • PARATRANSIT SERVICE, sometimes referred to as complementary paratransit service, is mandated under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for all public transit systems that operate fixed route services. Paratransit service, such as MTA’s Stepsaver, must be provided within ¾ of a mile of existing public transit routes for people with disabilities. Paratransit is a door-to-bus stop or door-to-door service provided for a small fare.
  • OTHER SERVICES. Private-for-hire involves limousines, private sedans, and/or shuttle transportation for hire to special events and airports. MTA, for example, has charter bus services. Rideshare is a service where an individual arranges a ride with another individual or group of individuals interested in carpooling. Recently, companies such as Uber and Lyft have been considered rideshare services as well. There are also multiple taxi services throughout the Manchester-Derry-Salem region.